Thanksgiving without James Franco Friday, Nov 27 2009 

When everyone was giving thanks, I wanted to add.

There are some things I’m not thankful for.  Let’s be real.  And one of them is that James Franco isn’t sitting around this table right now.  My mother reminded me of the time I embraced Matt Damon.  I rolled my eyes.  She’s trapped in the past.  2005 is so over.


Another day w/o JF Wednesday, Nov 25 2009 

Someone inquired why I feel JF is just out of reach.  It’s because I have two very, very tenuous connections to him.  I’ll explain one in this post.

My good friend’s friend works on General Hospital. Now as someone who works alongside some well known people, I know that no matter how much I feel I’ve done for them, I must be cautious about letting the public at them.  It seems like a good part of their days are spent fending or dealing with requests from people who don’t know them.

Therefore, this friend of a friend is not an option for meeting JF.


Where Is James Franco? Wednesday, Nov 25 2009 

Life is a journey.  We wander feeling unfulfilled, searching for that perfect happiness depicted in movies or books.  Just when we think we’ve found it, it slips out of our hands.

I’ve been on that journey for so long.  And it’s only now, at age 28, that I’ve come to realize where my happiness lies:  with James Franco.  This blog will record my days of waiting for him.  I intend it to as an homage to JF.  Except not in a stalkery, fan-obsessive way.  How does one live one’s life with one’s happiness just out of reach?  He’s so close, yet so far.  Will I attempt to meet him?  Or am I destined to observe from an Internet distance?

Here’s a clip.

Not a fan of seeing make up being put on.  Affected.